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Most people are familiar with Social Security as a system that workers pay into through the social security tax (FICA) withheld from their paycheck, and that rewards them with monthly payments when they retire. Others are aware of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), a government program that pays benefits to workers who have been injured or otherwise disabled from working. Far fewer people, however, know about Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSI is another government program providing help to people who are disabled and in need of financial assistance. Although similar in some respects to SSDI, SSI has its own eligibility requirements and application process, including rights of applicants to appeal unfavorable decisions.

The Social Security lawyers at Pisegna & Zimmerman are well-versed in the law and procedures regarding SSI. We help people everyday in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties, from Santa Clarita to Victorville, who cannot work due to a disability and rely on the government for assistance. If you need help applying for benefits, if you have applied for benefits and been denied, or if the Social Security Administration (SSA) has made changes to your benefit amount, we can advise and assist you and help make sure you are getting the full amount of benefits to which you are entitled.

What is Supplemental Security Income?

As its name implies, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is meant to provide additional assistance to disabled persons with little or no income to help them meet basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. Unlike SSDI, which is based on a worker’s payments into the system through years of wage withholding, SSI is funded by the federal government through its general tax revenues. Eligibility for SSI, therefore, does not depend on a person’s work history. In fact, one must be disabled from working in order to be eligible for SSI, and this disability may be due to a developmental disability present from birth, so that the person has never worked. It is therefore important to seek an experienced social security attorney who understands the important distinctions between qualifying for SSDI and SSI.

Experienced Social Security Attorneys Protecting Your Rights

Among your SSI rights are the right to apply for SSI benefits, the right to have assistance and representation in the process, the right to be notified of any denial of benefits or change in your benefit amount, and the right to appeal any adverse determination. The attorneys at Pisegna & Zimmerman have decades of experience helping people in Southern California obtain and maintain the SSI benefits they need to survive. If you are needing assistance applying for benefits or fighting a denial or change in your SSI benefits, contact Pisegna & Zimmerman for a free consultation with one of our experienced Supplemental Security Income attorneys.

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