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Lancaster Work Injury Lawyers

At Pisegna & Zimmerman, our experienced work injury attorneys in Lancaster are here to represent those that suffer workplace injuries in the area. With combined professional experience of more than 60 years, Pisegna & Zimmerman is a law firm you can trust to provide you comprehensive legal representation.

Our Lancaster work injury lawyers understand how frustrating life is following a work injury. As a result Pisegna and Zimmerman charges no upfront chargers and free consultations. Contact us today if you’ve suffered a workplace injury. The legal team at Pisegna and Zimmerman:

  • Cares about your well-being and your case
  • Uses our multiple resources to support your claim through settlement or representation in the courtroom if needed
  • Does everything in our power to help you receive the maximum possible compensation for your needs
  • Represents our clients on a contingency fee basis, there are no fees unless you receive compensation for your work injury

How Lancaster Work Injury Lawyers can Help

Experienced Lancaster work injury attorneys at Pisegna & Zimmerman, can:

  • Walk clients through the workers’ compensation process
  • Ensure clients meet any necessary filing deadlines, and all paperwork is correct
  • Seek additional benefits through possible civil suits when workers’ compensation is insufficient or not available

Call the work injury attorneys at Pisegna & Zimmerman today. We will provide you with a professional opinion regarding your claim for free. If we take your claim, we will fight to get you the maximum compensation available for your injuries.

Common Types of Work Injury Claims

Work injuries and illnesses are common and often result from falls, repetitive motions, manual materials handling, slips and falls, and motor vehicle accidents.

  • Falls are a common occupational hazard for workers and result in broken bones, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and sometimes death. Causes can include defective equipment, unsafe work conditions, and carelessness
  • Repetitive motion injuries are the result of performing the same movement over and over again for an extended period. These injuries lead to bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendonitis. Repetitive motion injuries are currently the most reported work injury
  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than one million workers suffer back injuries. Back injuries commonly result from carrying, holding, lifting, lowering or placing manual loads
  • Slips and falls at work can cause broken bones, head injuries or musculoskeletal injuries. These types of injuries are common results of construction workplace accidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents while on work-related errands result in any number of accident injuries

Who Can I Sue for a Work Injury in Lancaster?

Workers’ compensation covers all medical expenses necessary for diagnosing and treating an employee’s work injury or illness, including doctor appointments, prescriptions, surgery, and medical equipment. Employees are also entitled to vocational rehabilitation benefits and compensation for lost wages while off work. The benefit amount is typically two-thirds of an employee’s weekly wage.

However, workers’ compensation does not cover personal injuries or punitive damages. There are situations where a worker can recover these damages in a civil lawsuit. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Their employer specifically and directly harms them;
  • Their employer does not carry workers’ compensation insurance;
  • A workplace injury results from a defective machine or piece of equipment. The employee can sue the manufacturer of the equipment;
  • The employee is exposed to toxic substances and suffers from cumulative long-term effects, including cancers, neurological damage, and lung diseases. The employee can file a toxic tort claim against the manufacturer.

What to Do After a Work Injury

There are steps to take if you suffer an injury while performing job-related duties, including:

  • Report the injury to your employer immediately by following internal procedures;
  • Seek treatment for your injury right away;
  • Inform any physician that your injury occurred on the job. Describe the incident that caused your injury and the symptoms you experience, including any pain or restricted abilities;
  • Keep track of expenses and missed work including receipts from doctors’ visits, lab tests, surgeries, medication, or medical equipment like crutches. Your medical records and receipts are vital for building your claim and making sure you receive compensation;
  • Meet with a work injury attorney. A work injury attorney can assess your situation and help you gather evidence to prove your claim.

At Pisegna & Zimmerman, our personal injury attorneys are experienced in handling workers’ compensation claims and work injury civil lawsuits. Call us today, or complete our online contact form for a free consultation. During the free consultations we answer any questions regarding your specific work injury claim, and help determine the right path to getting the compensation you need.