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Category: Workers’ Compensation

6 Common Reasons Workers’ Compensation Claims Are Denied

May 17, 2023 | Personal Injury,Uncategorized,Workers' Compensation,Workplace Safety

Workers’ compensation is intended to be beneficial for workers and companies, and the system should be easy for employees to navigate. The keywords there are should be. Even though workers’ compensation insurance is an expected expense for business owners, workers’ comp insurance companies don’t always process claims in good faith. Completely legitimate claims may be…

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What Happens When an Agency Employee is Injured at Work?

March 2, 2023 | Personal Injury,Uncategorized,Workers' Compensation,Workplace Safety

Temporary agency work is a good way to try out work in different fields, accommodate a specific schedule, and fill the gap between long-term jobs. However, temporary work also comes with challenges. There are often questions about an assignment’s longevity, safety, and work environment. Many temp workers also hit roadblocks when they are injured on…

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